Constructing Your Pool

Now that you've decided to create your own backyard paradise, let's take a few moments to show you how our pools are installed. The design and construction of your pool should be fun. We'll walk you through it and make it an easy and enjoyable process. And we'll make you confident that your decision to install a Family Fun Pool from Buckeye Pools is the right one.

Step 1: Design

Buckeye Pools can help you design nearly any pool that you can imagine. We work closely with you in your own backyard during the design phase, to ensure that you know you're getting the pool of your dreams before construction ever begins.

Step 2: Excavation And Wall Construction

After designing your pool, excavation begins and the area is prepared for construction.

The one-piece fiberglass wall is then placed on the support means, and the "pockets" and footings are filled with concrete. The wall then becomes self supporting.

Step 3: Floor Construction

The wall is securely imbedded with the placement of the reinforced concrete floor.

The concrete floor is sealed with a decorative non porous coating, plaster, epoxy, or fiberglass.

Step 4: Completion

Concrete is then placed around the top perimeter of the pool forming the deck.

The pool is now completed and ready for decades of use.