Our Pools

Buckeye Pools has been a proud builder of Family Fun swimming pools for more than 40 years. Our pools have been built from the tundra of Northern Canada to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, and from lush tropical jungles to the top of skyscrapers. With Buckeye Pools, you're are not just building a swimming pool, but a world class backyard oasis.

Not All Pools Are Created Equal

If you're investing in an addition to your home that's as permanent as a pool, you should know the difference between a pool that just looks good in a picture and one that is well designed and engineered. Your backyard is about to go through an amazing transformation and it's very exciting to see it happen. Keep that exhilarating feeling for years to come with a high quality pool from Buckeye Pools.

Buckeye Pools Benefits

Time Tested

Family Fun pools built over 35 years ago are still in use today.

Cost Efficient

Eliminates costly and timely framing.


Able to withstand severe temperature extremes. With the strength of concrete, Uniwall is strong but flexible.

Easy To Maintain

Smooth surface of fiberglass wall discourages the growth of algae.

Many Coping & Patio Choices

Choose from a variety of decorative copings and let us help you choose the patio that fits your needs.


Enjoy swimming at home instead of traveling to crowded pools or beaches.

Promote Family

Make your pool a family activity center or enjoy the physical benefits of swimming.